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Dedicated Pool & Spa Service is excited to start offering commercial grade chemicals and pool supplies to the public!! Why buy chemical from us? The answer is easy........

We offer commercial grade (high potency) pool chemicals. The chemicals you purchase in the store contains a lower potency and has been sitting on the shelf for a period of time, in return the potency gets lower. Due to we buy direct from a wholesaler, the chemical we receive contains a higher potency than offered to the public and also out chemical has not been sitting on the shelf.


The equipment offered is commercial grade equipment and the equipment listed we use and it truly stands the test of time!! 

Because we do not have a brick & mortar store, we are able to pass the savings to you the customer by offering lower prices. 

Need filters for your pool or spa? Send me via e-mail your pool filter info (located on side of filter) or spa make/model & I will get you a quote within 24 hours.

If you do not see something listed, please contact us via e-mail @

Minimum $35 Order For Delivery

Free Delivery (5 Mile Radius From Business Address)

Delivery Charge $7.50 (price increases dependent on location)
Delivery Days Will Vary (you will not need to home for delivery)
How It Works
  1. Send Email To with the items you would like to order. Within 24 hours I will send you an invoice and payment link. If you would like to pay by cash or check, please  have this ready at the time of delivery. 
  2. Once your order is received, you will receive an email with an invoice and the date the chemical will be delivered (usually within a few days of ordering) Also, if there is any special instructions (ex; leave chemical at side of garage, put in back yard, etc.) please indicate in the email.
  3. our chemical will be delivered directly to your home. Please have your empty chemical containers ready upon delivery (if applicable) I do not require you to be home and if you are paying by cash/check and your not home - let me know where you are leaving it.
We look forward to doing business with you and if there are any suggestions to improve this new process, please email us and let us know! Our goal is to always offer quality service.

We Deliver To:

  • Morongo Valley    

  • Pioneer Town

  • Johnson Valley

  • Yucca Valley

  • Joshua Tree

  • Twentynine Palms

Chemical & Pool/Spa Supplies Pricing

All Liquid Chlorine & Muriatic Acid Requires A Deposit For Each Case, Unless You Have Equal Exchange. (The Deposit Is For Each Chemical Bucket The Chlorine/Acid Bottles Sit In & The Actual Chlorine/Acid Bottles Itself)
Chlorine/Acid Case Deposit Including Bottles $8.00
(Breakdown: is $5.00 for the chemical bucket & $.75 for ea bottle)

Pool & Spa Chemical Pricing

(does not include tax)

Chlorine (4 gal/case) - $15.64 per case
(price does not include deposit if applicable)
Muriatic Acid (4 gal/case) - $20.34 per case
(price does not include deposit if applicable)
Brominating 1" Tabs 1.5 lbs - $16.68
Seaklear Natural Clarifier 1 Quart - $18.90
Spa Perfect 1 Pint - $12.24
(Eliminates; Waterline Ring/Clogged Filters/Chemical Odors/Eye Irritation)
Phosphate Remover 1 Pint - $28.70
PH Down 3 lb Bucket - $13.80
Pool Shock 1 lb Bag - $6.26
Spa Shocktrine 1 lb Bag - $7.68
Chlorine Tablets 3" Wrapped Individual Tabs - $2.49 each tablet
Chlorine Tablets 3" Wrapped Tabs 4lb Bucket - $23.21
Chlorine Tablets 3" Wrapped Tabs 25lb Bucket - $64.27
Chlorine Tablets 3" Wrapped Tabs 50lb Bucket - $103.98
Pool Salt 40 lb Bag - $8.99 
Conditioner 1.75 lb - $9.12
Black Alagetrine Quart - $31.43
(Controls black algae & other resistant forms -compatible with chlorine, bromine & ozone sanitizers)
Swimtrine Plus - Quart - $27.42
(Kills green & mustard algae - prevents regrowth of algae - compatible with bromine, chlorine, salt water, ozone & mineral sanitizers) 

Pool & Spa Supplies

Heavy Duty Pool Net Bag - $42.41
Eliptilock Telepole 8'-16' Telepole  - $64.07
Pool Tab Floaters - $12.96
Spa Tab 1" Floaters - $8.48
Above Ground Triangle Pool Vacuum Head - $64.94
In Ground 14" Pool Vacuum Head  - $26.95
Portable Auto-Fill - $108.63
Above Ground Heavy Duty Pool Hose 1.5" x 6' - $12.82 each

Testing Kits

Deluxe 5- Way Test Kit - $23.85
(Test; Chlorine/Bromine/pH/Acid Demand/Total Alkalinity)
Basic Chemical 4-In-1 Test Strip - $10.06
(Test; Ph/Total Chlorine/Total Bromine/Free Chlorine)

*Pricing Subject To Change Without Notice*

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